Warsztaty Inwestowania w Nieruchomości WIWN®
Warsztaty Inwestowania w Nieruchomości WIWN®
12 000,00 zł 8 400,00 zł
1-dniowe Szkolenie z Flipowania z Wojciechem Orzechowskim
1-dniowe Szkolenie z Flipowania z Wojciechem Orzechowskim
3 940,00 zł 2 370,00 zł
1-dniowe Szkolenie z Flipowania z Wojciechem Orzechowskim
1-dniowe Szkolenie z Flipowania z Wojciechem Orzechowskim
3 740,00 zł 2 870,00 zł

Make Money On Real Estate czyli Zarabiaj na nieruchomościach ver ang.

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Książka Zarabiaj na nieruchomościach w ver. anglojęzycznej.

Dobry prezent dla cudzoziemców.

180 stron

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This book is about investing in real estate in Poland

7 reasons why you should not start to invest in real estates until you have read this book.

A book “Make money on real estate” will guide you through the whole process of investing in detail. Exercises and tasks contained in this book will allow you to safely test your skills as an investor already at the stage of reading.

Methods of investment presented in the book have been repeatedly tested by the author on polish real estate market. That is why, all his advice are reflected in the real world.

Practical knowledge passed on by such an experienced investor is an invaluable aid for anyone who plans to invest in real estate regardless of the stage on which he or she currently is.

The author is for some people a mentor and a personal trainer to earn on real estate. The author has also created a proven and repeatable system by which you can obtain even 100% return on real estate investment!

Wojciech Orzechowski, during his workshops, shows how to use the method and keep the whole profit to oneself. This book is a perfect complement of an individual coaching program “WIWN Online”.

Workshops of Investing in Real Estate (WIWN.PL) are the author’s flagship, authorial program of personal coaching whereby the participants receive, at the start of their way to be a rentier, wide-ranging aid, care and what is more, personal support of an experienced investor and the entire team of advisors from the construction, finance, law, taxes and accounting industry. “WIWN” is the only program in Poland conducted live, in the field and probably the most realistic “Higher School of Business and Investing in Real Estate”.

This book, that is in front of you, is rather an extremely practical guide which is written in a light and accessible language in the formula of a guidebook. The author leads you by the hand and step by step explains what is the most important at every single step of the investment process. He answers questions of most investors starting their adventure on the real estate market. It is a publication that you can use at any stage of the investment and you will surely find a chapter which will help you to make the right decision, leading to success.

With this guide you will learn:

  • How to become a rentier in 6 years by investing in real estate

  • How to obtain the maximum return of investment

  • How much better are real estate transactions in relation to the lease or sublease

  • How to plan an investment

  • How to invest in real estate without your own financial contribution

  • What conditions must be fulfilled so as not to lose while investing in real estate

  • Whether and how you can protect yourself from buying so-called “market duds”

  • What to pay attention to while buying a real estate to make it attractive for your future clients or renters

  • How to negotiate the conditions of the rental or sale

Make money on real estate” will help you to understand the techniques of financing investments in real estate in order to make your transactions safe, effective and always successful.


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